The difference – our expertise in fertilizer projects

expertise in fertilizer projects

There are large EPC companies and reputable consultancies on the engineering market with a long record of delivering large scale projects in oil and gas industry. We collaborate and with them when our experience is required for specific projects that involve ammonia or urea technologies.

Why us?

Few key facts about Fertilizer Industrial Services team:

  • Operation and commissioning background within the fertilizer industry
    • All our field engineers have experience in operating Ammonia and Urea plants.
    • The team has over 170 years of Ammonia technology experience and over 130 years of Urea plants experience.
  • Engineering and design experience with top fertilizer technology licensors
    • We were part of the design teams in ThyssenKrupp Uhde and Stamicarbon.
  • Experienced with the latest technologies in Ammonia and Urea plants:
    • Design and Commissioning for the world largest Ammonia plant in Saudi Arabia (dual pressure synthesis: SAFCO IV, Maaden I&II);
    • Design and Commissioning for dual train Ammonia plant (EAgrium in Egypt and Sorfert in Algeria);
    • Research activities for Auto Thermal Reactor technology for Ammonia and Methanol plants in Russia.
  • Continuous ammonia training programs with reputable consultancies and organisations
    • We maintain our skills and knowledge by training and collaboration with professional organisations, like Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) and International Association of Commissioning Engineers (IACE).
  • We have a practical approach based on site condition.
    • We know that each site is different, even that the technology is similar to other projects. We use our experience to tailor a technical solution for each situation appearing on site in order to achieve a successful performance test.
  • Process safety studies and risk analysis are a mix between experience and technology.

Our team structure is a mix between site experienced engineers and technology IT specialists. We confirm the applicability of our solutions and studies results by using complex software modelling in conjunction with real plant experience.

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