Fertilizer plants commissioning and startup

plants commissioning and startup

The aim of Fertilizer Industrial Services is to bring together the most efficient team in terms of skills and experience as well as cost-effective to provide excellent commissioning support, allowing clients to maximise their investment in various projects around the world.

For some activities, clients may choose to appoint their own internal staff, while for others, they will have a choice of using our commissioning team or other sources of commissioning support, e.g. independent contractors. Commissioning support includes:

  • Preparatory works: measurement and reporting of Pre-commissioning & Commissioning activities progress, preparation of details (planning, etc.)
  • Mechanical completion verification: field inspections, documentation inspection (outstanding item verification)
  • Pre-commissioning: inspections, punch-list issuing, utilities commissioning, cleaning, flushing, blowing, chemical cleaning, non-operating adjustment, motor run-in, catalyst loading, internal inspection
  • Commissioning: cooling water start-up, operating adjustment, purging, pressure test
  • Plant start-up: as per vendor specification and operating manual with input from our extensive experience in various projects

Performance tests: conduct readiness, performance and sustaining load plant tests.

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