Fertilizer plant troubleshooting


Ammonia plant normally operates smoothly, yet process upsets can occur from time to time. Since most issues have multiple root causes – the process of solving an issue can be difficult and complex.

Our Troubleshooting service come from extensive experience in various technologies of ammonia plants commissioning and operation. We are backed up by a large library of incidents and lessons learned that extend for half century of ammonia plant operation experience. We aim to solve problems quickly and remove their root causes. Troubleshooting is normally provided by email, phone and videoconferencing, but can also involve on-site visits.

Troubleshooting can help you:

  • Eliminate operational problems
  • Optimize the performance of plant operation
  • Understand the root causes of problems and prevent them from recurring
  • Improve the troubleshooting process with third parties via “second opinions”

Our combined engineering and operation experience allow us to offer additional troubleshooting services:

  • Surveys and reports on existing installations, to include conclusions and recommendations.
  • Checking Consultancy to comment on designs, drawings or specifications produced by others.
  • Expert Witness advice, and attendance as required, in cases of arbitration and litigation.
  • Commissioning Consultancy with our hands-on experience.

Our Fertilizer Technology Know How developed Fertilizer Industry Operational Risks Database – FIORDA ( – the first global risk register specialised in Ammonia, Urea, Nitric Acid and Methanol technologies. Currently hosting over 1500 incidents and case studies from the fertilizer industry our database grows every day. All cases are documented, assessed and risk ranked. Protective barriers and mitigation measures are recommended for each individual case.

For 2018, we estimate over 2000 incidents and near misses to be recorded in our FIORDA database covering all project phases from Design to Commissioning and

If you are interested in exploring this database and its benefits, please contact us at

Other services include:

  • Greenfield and Revamp engineering support for Nitrogen Fertilizer technologies
  • Commissioning, Start-up and Operation support for Nitrogen Fertilizer technologies
  • Process Safety Management and risk identification for Ammonia and Urea plants
  • Development of Ammonia plants Maintenance strategies
  • Ammonia plants turnaround strategy (TAR) support for operators
  • Ammonia storage tank decommissioning and inspection support