Development of operation safety risk register

operation safety risk register

We are now witnessing and experiencing the beginning of the 4th Industrial Revolution. The software will disrupt the most traditional industries in the next 5-10 years. It is already happening with Artificial Intelligence, health, autonomous and electric cars, education, 3D printing, agriculture, industry and jobs.

In order to improve the way we work and to keep up with the pace of time, we have to use these new tools, take advantage of the cloud systems, mobile devices and apps.

Using our experience in operation and commissioning Fertilizer Industrial Services and work together with Tech Safety Group to develop the first Fertilizer Risk Register for the industry.

Based on a cloud platform, the Fertilizer Risk Register is freely accessible to all and users worldwide. You can use the information as the source of documentation for your projects as applicable. You can contribute (anonymously if required) with your own experience and lessons learnt so we can improve our industry knowledge database. Your experience and suggestions are welcome.

If you are interested in developing a similar risk register for your plants, please contact us and we advise you how to start.

Typically, a Risk Register is a list of potential hazards and associated risks identified during project phases that are rated before and after controls have been implemented. The register is the most useful for providing an overview of all the risks during design, commissioning or operation of a facility or organisation, tracking the progress of controls and presenting a history of risk management.

Fertilizer Risk Register is a comprehensive system that not only has the capability to record, monitor and rank the risks before and after the implementation of controls, but also includes functions such as:

  • As Low As Reasonable Practicable (ALARP) risk demonstration spreadsheets
  • Upload of relevant information and evidence such as reports, documents, drawings, datasheets, and scanned photos in order to support claims for each prevention or mitigation control
  • Inserting links to relevant actions from Action Tracking Register to support the claims for each control developed during Design through to Commissioning and Start-up. Once set-up, this function will provide up-to-date information by operating only the Action Tracking Register reducing the time spent to update the Risk Register

Other advantages of implementing the Fertilizer Risk Register in your company:

  • Consistency: provides a framework that is easy to complete and ensures all the elements that are necessary to assess, prevent, mitigate and manage the identified risks in a timely manner
  • Simplicity: with a tabular layout it is easy to follow and manage all the issues. Organising a large amount of complex information into a compact format allowing focus on key information and delivery simple and clear reports
  • Efficiency: When used in conjunction with further developed Action Tracking Register, once the correct links are set-up for prevention and mitigation controls, Fertilizer Risk Register will be automatically kept up-to-date by operating one register and will not require multiple visits and manual inputs to update records
  • Responsibility: Risk Management is a teamwork that requires input from various discipline engineers and other members of the organisation. By using a structured template Fertilizer Risk Register allows you to identify actions to treat risks and to assign those actions to responsible owners getting commitment from your wider team and increase awareness of the overall project risks
  • Control: with a clear structure and intuitive and easy to use interface, Fertilizer Risk Register allows you to track and control project risks. Once the risks are identified, listed consistently, and completely detailed, with action plans defined and controls in place, the register becomes a reference point for checking and monitoring progress towards achieving your risk management goal(s)
  • Communication: As a sum of the above functions of Fertilizer Risk Register, clarity of communication is the key outcome which is the core of any successful management endeavour

In line with international legislation: OHSAS 18001, UK HSE and EU Seveso III when used in conjunction with Action Tracking Register in demonstrating the risk mitigation and control within your company.

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