Ammonia storage tank de-commissioning in India

Ammonia storage tank

Fertilizer Industrial Services (FIS) specialists are involved in decommissioning, inspection & repair activities and commissioning of two anhydrous ammonia storage tanks in Mumbai, India, in a period between October 2016 and June 2017 (estimated).

Together with Global Remote, our partner for advanced inspection services, FIS delivers commissioning process and repair consultancy services for Deepak Fertilizer ammonia storage tanks.

At the beginning, a detailed inspection plan, followed by a HAZOP study and risk assessment, was provided. A detailed commissioning procedure was developed covering all steps required for such activities:

  • Options for decommissioning process
  • Emptying the tank
  • Tank heating up process with hot nitrogen vapours
  • Key process parameters
  • Tank valve isolation for heating purpose
  • Inerting of system and purging with nitrogen
  • General inerting procedure
  • Key process parameters
  • Gas sampling
  • Tank blinding location and specifications
  • Over-rides
  • Manway opening sequence
  • Danger of asphyxiant gas
  • Purging the tank with air

This is an ongoing project. A detailed report will be published on both and once this assignment is completed.

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