Providing consulting support to Nitrogen Fertilizer Manufacturers

We are an independent group of specialists in nitrogen fertilizer production technologies, covering ammonia, urea, nitric acid, ammonium nitrate, NPK as well as methanol process plants.

Owners Engineers / Client Representatives

Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are highly experienced engineers with extensive background and daily involvement in engineering / design, commissioning, operation, maintenance and optimizing of multiple ammonia, urea, nitric acid, and ammonium nitrate plants.

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Our Troubleshooting service come from extensive experience in various technologies of ammonia plants commissioning and operation. We are backed up by a large library of incidents and lessons learned that extend for half century of ammonia plant operation experience.

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Ammonia Storage Tanks Decommissioning

Internal inspection of ammonia storage tanks is an infrequent event that requires significant amount of preparation including the development of de-commissioning and re-commissioning procedures for preparing the tank for human entry and inspection, as well as cooling down and restarting the tank.

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Online Training

Fertilizer Industrial Services developed Fertilizer Academy – the first online training platform dedicated to fertilizer industry. The training courses are prepared by an independent group of senior specialists with the mission to share the industry experience, avoid operation mistakes and prevent process incidents.

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Fertilizer Industrial Services provides Commissioning, Operational Readiness and Maintenance consultancy specifically designed for Ammonia and Urea plants. Our Commissioning expertise is based upon our team long and worldwide Ammonia projects experience.

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Maintenance Optimization

The effective Maintenance Optimization Plan deployed at the right time with the right resources and industry knowhow is key to meeting performance objectives and business model. The ability to adjust to varying operating and environmental contexts is a high advantage capability in the current market.

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Operational Excellence

Our experts get involved in organizational development supporting organizations to define the pool of skill sets, with succession and development plans for each position, and to establish the organization as a preferred place to work.

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Process Safety

Fertilizer Industry Services offers a flexible package of services, providing cost effective solutions to our client’s needs acting as ongoing support for process safety team during project development or independent consultants for specific project deliverables.

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Turnarounds of fertilizer plants are complicated and costly events, and each day of downtime translates into the lost revenue. Mitigating the risk of cost and schedule overruns is vital to competitiveness and profitability.

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FIORDA Membership

Fertilizer Industry Operational Risks Database – FIORDA ( has developed a structured database extracting data from process safety incidents, lesson learned, members projects experience covering a variety of geographic areas, plants, equipment types and operating conditions

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Navigance Whitepaper Optimizing with Intelligence

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Annual Turn-arounds in an Ammonia-Urea Complex–Experience at Tata Chemicals Fertilizer Division, Babrala

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Experimental releases of liquid hydrogen

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